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Whoa hey it’s V

November 24, 2009

Oh, so the second episode of V happened two weeks ago. I watched it. I was like, “Cool.” And then I forgot to review it. I’m posting it, now!

V’s pilot made me realize I can’t always get what I want from a daring primetime sci-fi series (Which is: mysteries to be solved at an appropriate pace! Emphasis on characters! Subtlety!), but this episode wasn’t bad! While the pilot, with its breathless focus on unwieldy, symbolic grandness, made its characters act as if they had been thrown together at the last minute, the second episode was more methodical, placing emphasis on characters’ choices in response to Visitor-induced stress. I appreciated this episode’s approach, and I hope it continues.
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Guilty of Othering, Exoticizing, Appropriating!

November 17, 2009

One of my favorite Bollybloggers, Filmi Girl, wrote a fantastic post addressing the criticism she receives for being a white Bollywood fan. I highly suggest you read it; it has some thoughtful points about what it means to love Hindi film as an outsider.

And now, because I am a real blogger now, I shall elaborate on her lovely points!
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The Internets Should Tell Me Where to Find Fun Sci-Fi

November 10, 2009

Ugh, V has made me go on a thought tangent on why contemporary American sci-fi is constantly morose and dystopian. Visitors, Cylons, 2012, Black Lanterns, Dharma Initiative, etc. Mankind explodes over and over again in so many different ways, because clearly, pain is the only way to look realistically at the human condition!
Where can I find adorable made-for-adults sci-fi with a happy dose of silliness? How about idealism, even? I guess J.J. Abram’s Star Trek has enough laughs and lens flares to fit that definition, but I need something even more fun. You know?

Enjoy your Transformers and the baby-faced club kids of the new Enterprise. But I’d highly recommend a field trip to Whoville. And I’m not the only one. Thanks to BBC America and Who spinoffs like Torchwood, the Doctor’s growing popularity here in the States may signal a dawning recognition that size and might and flash aren’t everything — that there are less bombastic futures to contemplate, that sci-fi can be elegiac without the boom and bust of dystopia. Perhaps we can appreciate a complicated hero and some tricked-out trash cans instead of relying on gi-normous, eye-stabbing “set pieces.” Join me, my Yankee brethren. There’s plenty of room in the Tardis — maybe even enough for two ex-empires on their way to the Great Beyond.

Scott Brown, Wired writer, to the rescue! His hysterical article has made me anxious to consume fluffy British sci-fi more than ever. I’ve watched and enjoyed episodes of Dr. Who, and every sci-fi fan I’ve ever known has reacted to the series and David Tennant as if nerds are kitties and Dr. Who is pure, crystallized catnip. How come I haven’t gotten obsessed yet? Laziness, possibly.

AFTER I AM DONE WITH STUFF (studying for test, writing paper due on Friday, applying to academic institution for spring), TO NETFLIX!

Until then, I will have to make do with another episode of V later tonight.

Never Trust Aliens Who Violate the Prime Directive

November 8, 2009

I am a sucker for first contact plots and actors with Joss cred. I guess I’m watching V now!

Before I dig into the pilot, isn’t V an innocuous title for anything in the Internet age? It’s a meme-worthy symbol prime for “grassroots” advertising, but you can’t search that shit.

I’ve encountered a few gushing reviews of the pilot; I’m less starry-eyed, perhaps because I’m too used to the “treacherous reptiles make first contact, woo gullible, doomed humans” sci-fi trope. V‘s lipservice to contemporary media culture came across as pasted on and its metaphorical approach too heavy-handed to appreciate. I know it was just the pilot, but the pace bugged me, too: in the span of V‘s hour-long premiere, too much stuff happened to characters I didn’t care enough about. Despite all this, I’m still going to watch it because I need a sexy new sci-fi show in my life… well, maybe I’ll keep it up until I start marathoning BSG. Spoilers after the cut.

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Rocking the Color Wheel: Drona (2008)

November 5, 2009

I want to watch a movie today.


Cool. Does stuff happen in it?



Are there characters who do things for some reason?



Does the production team have fun ideas? Yes, a dizzying amount:

A dog with a collar from Hobby Lobby!

A nun with a shiv!


A bloody clone!

A murderous puppet!

A grain of rice which actually does nothing despite being a plot point!

An incredibly arty fever dream scene!

Hold up, I think I should reserve the “incredibly arty fever dream” descriptor for the entire movie, because that’s exactly what Drona is. As a film with an actual interesting plot, it fails on all sorts of brain-melty levels. It’s best viewed as a beautiful trip, a series of images and sound spliced together to expand your mind… somehow…

Full review behind the cut!
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Hum Chale!

November 3, 2009

I’ve been meaning to start a blog devoted to my unhealthy relationship with Hindi film and India since I started this love affair three years ago. I’ve been bottling it up, mostly! Nevermore. Let’s get obsessively reviewing!

Since I don’t know how to say “obsessively reviewing” in Hindi, I’ve called this blog “Hum Chale!” That means roughly “Let’s go!” for those less Hindi inclined. It’s also a common refrain in the opening song from the first Bollywood movie I ever loved:


Before I start posting proper, I’ll tell you some not-so-secret things: My name is Emily. I currently live in Denton, Texas, but this is just a temporary home stay away from my usual local, Waltham, MA. I’m an undergraduate majoring in American Studies, something I will never regret (I promise). My favorite hobby: I love to escape into a good story, in any medium. I get positively fannish over so many things, I might end up using this blog to go on about non-Bollywood film, television, or comics.

So… hum chale!